Lessons from the browns

10 Ways to Find Joy in Every Day

In the busy life of an entrepreneur, where every moment counts and every decision could impact the trajectory of your business, it's easy to get caught up in the grind. But amidst the hustle, it's crucial to remember that life is meant to be enjoyed. Injecting joy,...

A framed picture that says, “Find joy in the ordinary.”
Personal Development

Six Methods to Boost Your Confidence

Achieving your goals and dreams is a constant process. It requires dedication, persistence, vision, consistency, and confidence. Luckily each of these factors has the potential for improvement. If you’re lacking in any of these areas, you must actively put in the...

Terry and Jenny Brown™ stand at the side of a stage with focused expressions on their faces.
Personal DevelopmentProfessional Development

Face Your Fears

No matter what your goals are in life or where they lie, there will always be obstacles to overcome, somewhere in between. Some of those challenges may be the very things you’re afraid of facing. So, in the interest of reaching your goals, it’s pertinent that you...

Two people stand near the edge of a cliff that overlooks a body of water.

Commit to These Healthy Habits

If you’re on the quest to increase your longevity (which should be everyone), then you’re going to need routines and practices to help you achieve that goal. Luckily, these healthy habits are proven to increase your chances of boosting your longevity. If that isn’t...

A person holds a pink sign with the phrase “Healthy Habits” written on it.