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Personal Development

Own It

The responsibilities of being a homeowner are much more than that of a renter. When you own a home, you maintain and make improvements to it whenever you can. When you rent a home or an apartment, you do your best to not break anything, and call your landlord when...

Five small, red, house-shaped game pieces in a line on a wood surface.
Personal Development

No Offense…

The Art of Being Less Offended For some people, it doesn’t take much to offend them. Typically, we’re offended by other people’s opinions, judgements, or actions. Being easily offended can signify a lack of confidence or happiness or a lack of conviction. It can...

Twenty-four emoticons with various emotions and facial expressions.

Four Ways To See Your Faith In Action

Do you want others to see that you are leading a faith-filled life? While you can always do this by declaring your beliefs, there is an easier way to let others see your devotion. It is easily manifested by the way you live your life. Rather than the words you say,...

faith in action