Always make an impact

About Terry and Jenny Brown

For Jenny, her heart has always been devoted to helping children who needed love. Ever since she can remember, she has found herself fueled by the desire to help children who can’t help themselves. Throughout her adolescence and into adulthood, Jenny found as many opportunities to work with young children as possible. Being around kids that needed love and attention inspired her to establish a career as a teacher where she could influence the lives of children day in and day out.

While Jenny was out there changing the world one child at a time, Terry was busy continuing his family’s legacy through service to his country. Terry Brown grew up in a military family where passion and pride have always been rooted in devotion to America. In fact, the Brown family has dedicated over half a century of service to their country. So to say that hard work and commitment were both major themes throughout Terry’s life is an understatement. Whether it was through honorable leadership positions at the United States Air Force Academy or in his role as a pilot, Terry has always found his purpose through his commitment to serving others and the country he calls home.

When Terry and Jenny met, there was no question why their contagious energy and desire to serve others connected them together on such a deep level. They were immediately drawn to each other. Terry fell in love with Jenny and her passion for helping children, and Jenny was dazzled by Terry and his ambition and impressive accomplishments as a pilot and a leader. A few years later, the two were married, and they set off on their way to build a life together.

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