Terry and Jenny Brown™: Serving Others with Heart and Ambition

Terry and Jenny Brown sit at a restaurant table, on a balcony, outdoors on a sunny day. Behind them is a hill covered in green trees and a hotel next to their balcony.

It’s not always easy to think about others when you have a lot going on in your own life. But, despite having busy lives, Terry and Jenny Brown are always looking for ways to serve. Whether they can lend a hand, advice, perspective, or a listening ear,  their hearts are more than willing to help others.

Through their combination of eagerness to find meaning in their lives and determination to bring meaning to  the lives of others, Terry and Jenny’s aspirations  have brought them to where they are today. But, like many, their journey was not without hardships and obstacles.

Terry served our country in the U.S. Air Force for over twenty years. His work ethic, character, and values propelled him toward a successful career. However, he eventually found that he wasn’t satisfied with his position or any that would be offered to him. He knew that if he wanted to have an impact on the world, he had to find a new path.

Jenny’s servant heart initially led her to a career of giving—in the form of knowledge and guidance. She became an educator. While she enjoyed her time as a teacher, she realized that it would never earn her a comfortable living or be worth the 40+ hours she was spending away from her husband.

Thankfully, God had a plan for both of them that would forever change their lives for the better. And that plan wouldn’t just improve Terry and Jenny’s lives, but the lives of their family and so many more families.

The Importance of Faith and Marriage

Terry and Jenny Brown stand in an open grassy hill, with rolling green hills behind them. Trees cover the hills, and the sky is slightly cloudy.

Terry and Jenny Brown’s faith has been a constant source of strength and direction throughout the years. It has given them hope, joy, and peace during times of trouble. While their faith plays an important role in their marriage, Terry and Jenny know that good things come from putting in hard work, too.  

They emphasize the importance of having a successful marriage and working as partners, not just in life but in business as well. They make decisions together, support each other, and challenge one another. Terry and Jenny Brown want to become the best version of themselves. In doing so, they hope to inspire others to do the same.

Focused on Family

Terry and Jenny Brown are extremely dedicated to their family. They love to spend as much time with their son and two daughters as possible. No matter what activity they’re taking part in, Terry and Jenny do their best to make it memorable. Whether they’re at a play, concert, or just hanging out—the Brown family is all about bonding and enjoying special time together.

Making Meaningful Relationships

Another big focus for Terry and Jenny is the creation and maintenance of healthy relationships. They want to build strong and meaningful relationships that last and make a difference. They know that relationships have a powerful effect on perspective and attitude. Because of this, they want to be a positive influence in all their relationships.

Terry and Jenny Brown stand in an open grassy hill, with rolling green hills behind them. Trees cover the hills, and the sky is slightly cloudy.

Pursuing Purpose

In all of their actions, Terry and Jenny Brown try to live with purpose. Everything they do, they do for a reason. Their choices are made with deep thought and precision. You don’t have to wonder where you stand with them because they are direct and honest, which doesn’t detract from their warm and welcoming hearts. It’s easy to see that Terry and Jenny Brown want everyone to find happiness, success, ambition, and intention in life.

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