Lessons from the browns

Win Each Day

We know that the responsibilities of life can be overwhelming. There are bills to pay, people to take care of (including yourself), and goals to be reached! It’s a lot to take on. But it doesn’t have to hold you back from success. In fact, if you wake up with the...

A red neon sign depicts the word "win".
InspirationPersonal Development

Inspire and Enact Change

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you are, you have what it takes to gain control of your mindset and your life. When you realize how much you’re in control, you’re able to enact change and feel confident enough to encourage it in the lives of...

An orange graphic sign attached to the side of a building reads “Change.”
Professional Development

Remember What You Represent

Whether you’re out on vacation, or just taking a couple days off, don't get too relaxed. Although you might not be on a business call at the moment, keep in mind that you always represent your organization. You’re a living billboard for your brand! You never know...

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Personal Development

Techniques for Constructive Critiques

Anybody can provide feedback to someone, but some feedback can be more damaging than constructive. When sharing your ideas and offering up adjustments, don’t forget to take their feelings and development into consideration. Ask yourself, are my ideas or suggestions...

A brown cardboard box, labeled with the word "Suggestions"
Personal Development

Don’t Wait for Opportunities

Many people believe that if they wait long enough, an opportunity for growth and learning will present itself. This may be true, but the question is, how long might they be waiting? Rather than spending a lifetime waiting for the perfect moments, wouldn’t it be...

Person standing, leaning against a railing with hands folded, waiting patiently while overlooking a lake.