Three Small Ways to Pay it Forward

by | Apr 15, 2020 | Inspiration

We’ve all heard the phrase “pay it forward,” but many of us have never taken the leap and done it ourselves. If you’ve ever been inspired by the viral acts of kindness you’ve seen floating around online, but felt your personality just wouldn’t let you be as grand, don’t get too down on yourself. Here are three small ways to pay it forward that may be more your style.   

1. Write a positive review of a local business

In modern times, reviews can make or break a business. Many consumers scour the internet to screen reviews before deciding whether to patronize a business. However, only a small percentage of satisfied customers take the time to leave positive reviews. Consequently, small business owners greatly appreciate thoughtful customers who do. One way to pay it forward is to write a positive detailed review of deserving local business. Adding flattering, quality pictures and videos is also a plus since they grab the attention of potential patrons. 

2. Do something kind for someone in your house

Often when we think of paying it forward, we picture ourselves doing random acts of kindness for strangers. But paying it forward can start at home. Spend time watching and listening to the people in your house. Make a list of their unmet needs and quietly take care of a few. By spreading a little kindness, you may inspire your family members to do the same.

3. Write a thank you letter to someone 

The last way you can pay it forward is by thanking someone for making a difference in your life. People do extraordinary things but rarely hear about the impact of their good deeds. Sometimes doing good work is a thankless undertaking. Receiving a letter of gratitude could be the motivation they need to continue to pay it forward in other people’s lives. Take a few moments to encourage someone who has selflessly poured into your life, expecting nothing in return. 

You don’t have to make huge moves to be impactful. Small steps still move us forward. Start with these three ways to pay it forward and continue to build from there to practice unsolicited kindness in the lives of others.