Six Things You Can Do Everyday To Boost Intelligence

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Inspiration

Even the sharpest sword loses its brilliance over time. The same principle applies to our talents and intelligence. Your skills and abilities are like flowers that will bloom if nurtured daily but will wither without proper care. To stay on top of the game and reach your full potential, you need to constantly hone your skills and abilities. This endeavor may sound hard and complicated, but there are actually a number of easy things you can incorporate in your day to boost intellect and empower yourself.

Jot Down Your Thoughts  

Feeling overwhelmed with so much information you need to retain? Or too stressed to focus on any tasks? Give your mind a time to rest and recharge by writing in a journal. Just grab a pen, a piece of paper, and pour out all your thoughts. You can write about anything without restrictions and your reward may be a clearer mind afterward. Keeping a daily journal can also widen your vocabulary and boost your memory. A study conducted by Karen A. Baikie and Kay Wilhelm showed that expressive writing improves our overall well-being.

Mingle With Smarter People

They say you are defined by the company you keep so having smart friends is definitely an advantage. People smarter than you may seem intimidating at first but spending time with them may pave the way for new ideas and may inspire you to be more competitive. Discussing any topic with a person of high intellect may exercise your critical thinking skills and may give you a unique perspective on things. They may even serve as excellent role models you can emulate.

Engage In a Small Pep Talk With Yourself

Be your biggest fan and find some time to generously praise yourself. It may seem odd but you can indeed increase your brain power by simply telling yourself that you are intelligent. This effortless way to sharpen your mind has been proven to be effective by research. A study conducted by a group of professors from Columbia University and Stanford University showed that praising students for their intelligence leads to better school performance.

Go Ahead and Pop That Gum

You may be surprised but that piece of gum can actually do wonders to your cognitive abilities.  A study conducted by the School of Psychology in Cardiff University proved that chewing gum improves the mood, lessens anxiety levels, and alerts the mind resulting in better task performance. On days when you are sleepy, chewing gum can also help you stay awake.

Take a Break, You Deserve it

Overworking is not the way to go if you want to increase your mental aptitude. On the contrary, brain exhaustion has a slew of detrimental effects such as mood swings and memory loss. So be gentle to yourself and have some downtime. Even on a hectic day, do not feel guilty if you feel like doing nothing at all for a few minutes. You can take a quick nap or indulge in a daydream. Just allow your mind to rest and you will likely find yourself ready to tackle the tasks at hand again in no time.

Energize Your Mind With Natural Herbs

Instead of relying on traditional pills and medicines, you can try using herbs to stimulate your mind. Some herbs which are known to aid in brain function include rosemary, peppermint, ginseng, and gingko biloba. You can use the herbs as an essential oil or add it to your favorite recipes. To be on the safe side though, certain individuals may want to consult their physician before using any herbs.

The suggestions above are all doable and will unlikely cause any harm so how about giving it a try? You will enhance your innate talents and strengthen your mental skills effortlessly!