Manifest Your Dreams

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Inspiration, Personal Development

When the day begins to lull and you catch your eyes losing focus and staring off into space, the dreaming starts. Perhaps you’re imagining yourself lying on a beach and reading a great book. Or maybe you’re looking out the window, pretending to be on a train heading through a lush mountain pass. No matter the daydream, we’ve all been in that position at least once before, and some of us find ourselves saying, “How do I actually get there?” Our answer to that question is simple—manifest that dream.

Manifestation isn’t what you’re thinking. There are no spells, conjuring, or potions involved. But there is a magic power. The power of your mind. Manifesting is the act of taking an idea and turning it into a reality through belief and determination.

Manifest Them in Your Mind

To start manifesting the life you want, you need to solidify exactly what you want it to look like. If you’re dying to have a new car because you’re tired of your current one, imagine the car you want. Learn specific facts about it. You can even start checking out pictures of the interior online or information about its performance. The easier it is to imagine, the easier it’ll be to manifest. Whether you want a new car, a fancy pair of shoes, or something that isn’t tangible, like a new attitude for life, you can manifest it. But be very precise about the result you want.

Manifest Them in Your Heart

Nineteen heart-shaped red balloons ascend into a light blue sky.

Ask the universe for whatever it is you desire. Put your want out into the world around you. Pray for it, meditate on it, and visualize it. If seeing the dream helps you believe it’s possible, create a vision board of whatever represents that dream. Take the vision board concept a step further and hang pictures of what you want in various parts of your home. This way, you’ll get constant reminders of your dreams and can renew your motivation whenever you feel doubt. If pictures feel a little old school, consider starting a vision board on Pinterest™.

True manifestation doesn’t mean sitting around waiting and wishing. It means trusting the process and increasing your will to work for whatever you’re seeking.

Manifest Them in Your Actions

Analyze your dreams and determine steps that you can take to make those dreams your reality. Write these steps down and pick a few (big or small) ones that you can do daily. Taking action will get you closer to fulfilling those dreams and help you manifest them. As you’re making moves toward whatever it is that you want, be sure to send good energy out into the world. If you’re positive about manifesting your dreams, you never know what might fall right into your lap. You could be handed a sign that you’re getting warmer, with your goal right around the corner! Or you could find something that you didn’t know you needed, like a new friend, a mentor, or a book that could change your life!

In addition to your manifestation being nudged along by your positivity, keeping a smile on your face is a helpful tactic in attracting good omens. You know what they say … “You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

Don’t Lose Focus or Hope

A road in a dense forest, with a break in the trees that creates a sunbeam shining on part of the road.

While working and waiting for your dreams to come true, keep your eyes on the prize. It’s hard to avoid distractions and discouragement, but we believe in you! You know what distracts you, so steer clear of those concentration thieves. When you’re feeling discouraged, go back to visualizing your dream with precision. Remind yourself of what you’re manifesting and look closely at what you’ve accomplished in the process. Even tiny achievements are still achievements.

We lose progress when we start resisting change. As our energy gets put into resisting the changes that are unfamiliar, we begin losing focus. Change forces growth and perspective on you, so don’t avoid it. If you regularly retreat from new experiences, try overcoming your tendency to resist. It’s beneficial to your growth to embrace change as it comes!

Lure Your Dreams into Reality

Your dreams can be integrated into your future if you focus on manifesting them. Trust that if your desire is strong enough, you’ll lure those dreams directly into your life. But don’t forget that you still need to put effort into obtaining them; they won’t just appear out of thin air. Give everything 100% of your intention and take your time. Everyone who chases their dreams takes a different path, so set your own pace and remember that you’ll get there in due time. If you aim your actions, heart, and mind at the same vision, you’ll eventually hit it dead center.

Manifestation is a great practice to help make your dreams become a part of your reality. For more tips on reaching your dreams and creating success, read our blog!