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Inspiring Books & Movies To Keep Your Faith Alive

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To declare one’s faith is a liberating experience. It can make you see life from a better perspective and inspire you to take noble actions. Yet while it is easy to profess your beliefs, practicing your faith may come with some challenges.  Tough times can weaken your spirit while triumphant days can lead you astray. You may also find your faith being tested and ridiculed many times. While it is tempting to abandon your faith during unfavorable moments; it is also the best opportunity to prove your loyalty. This can be easier if you surround yourself with people and things that can give you the strength to be faithful.  You can start by reading books and watching movies that can help keep your faith burning:

Books About Faith

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

Faith requires believing even without sound proof or explanation; making so many people apprehensive and doubtful. This book from the author of the Chronicles of Narnia may help shed light on the confusion. This is because the book digs deep into some of the questions that people may have about religion. As Lewis also used to be a skeptic, the answers the book will provide may be a wonderful eye-opener.  

Miracles and Other Reasonable Things by Sarah Bessey

This book that talks about the author’s journey after a car accident will tug at your heartstrings. With the physical and mental trauma that Bessey had to go through before recovery, it is an inspiring story about the power of faith. Her journey will serve as an example to those feeling hopeless as she chose to use her lowest time to reflect on her relationship with God.

Movies About Faith

The Shack

As the story of a man who felt shattered when his youngest daughter was murdered, this movie is recommended for those who are starting to lose faith. In the movie, the protagonist restored his faith after a mysterious encounter that put him face-to-face with God. For those who are undergoing trials, the movie can be a source of hope. It is a reminder to keep on trusting even during bad times because there is a God who is always watching out for you.

Miracles From Heaven

With all the pain and hardships in the world, it sometimes takes strength to stay positive. This movie where a cancer-stricken girl gets cured after accidentally falling from a tree can open your eyes to the reality that miracles happen every day. With a focus on the relief that the parents feel upon knowing that their child is finally free of a terminal disease, it can be a source of comfort for those who are distressed. It also sends a message that sometimes you will receive the answer or miracle you are hoping for just when you least expect it.

Faith is a serious commitment. As a way of life, it is something that can guide your actions in the right direction. This means that to have a fruitful and joyful life, it is essential to keep your faith alive.




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