Want To Inspire & Empower Others? Mind Your Words

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Faith, Inspiration

Have you ever received an unexpected compliment on a bad day? Or a word of encouragement before a presentation? Did you notice how the positive phrases lifted your mood and calmed your nerves? You may also remember an incident when your sincere words of sympathy instantly comforted a grieving friend.

The above instances reveal the immense impact that words can make to you and others. Depending on your choice of words, you can be a hero or a villain to somebody. If you come to think of it, you will realize that there is power in the language you use. The phrases that come out of your mouth are like spells that can inspire or ruin, can save or destroy. To use the gift of language responsibly, you may want to ponder on the following:

Examine your words

Take a moment to examine the most common expressions that you use. What are the things that you constantly say to yourself and to the people around you? Do you often describe yourself as unpleasant, sad, or weak? Do you tend to emphasize the flaws of the people close to you whenever you talk to them? If your answer is yes, then your words are probably harming rather than empowering. You can stop being a bully to yourself and to others by being careful with your choice of words. When you choose to highlight one’s strengths and abilities with words of praises and support, you help others discover their potential and inspire them to achieve their dreams.

Mind your tone

Two people can say the exact same words but they can evoke very different emotions depending on how it was delivered. Just listen to an eloquent speaker and you will see that a great deal of how they make their words stick and tug at the heartstrings of the audience has something to do with their manner of speaking. The tone, the volume, and the force they use while talking greatly matters in making sure that their message gets understood.

Focus on solutions

Pay close attention to the words you use whenever you have to face a challenge or difficulty. Are you using words and phrases that tend to focus on the problem rather the solution? Based on your choice of words, these obstacles can either crush or strengthen you. Your problems will feel lighter and you will find it easier to overcome it if you decide to declare solutions than the conflicts.

Voice your dreams

They say you should be careful what you wish for because it may just come true. This reminder emphasized the important role that the power of your words can do in realizing your dreams and aspirations. So if you want something, try to claim and declare it as often as you can. Make affirmations a vital part of the process in your journey to achieving your goals and you might just get what you want sooner than expected.

Language is indeed powerful as it is the thing that sets humans apart from other species in this world. The ability to express thoughts and communicate ideas makes it possible for men to build great things. So if you wish to fully use this power in a way that will benefit you and others, always remember to be careful with your words.