How You Can Maintain Faith During Hard Seasons of Life

by | Apr 15, 2018 | Faith

When we are faced with hardships or hard seasons of life, it can become easy to question our faith instead of leaning into it for guidance and support. Especially when it comes to failures in business or even our personal life and relationships.

Whatever challenges you might be facing, with faith and determination, you can see any situation through. If you are experiencing turbulence in your life, whether personal or professional, look to these three tips to help you find strength in your faith.

Take a Step Back and Reflect

It is usually the case that when we are overwhelmed with worry or high amounts of stress in our lives, it is easy to make a list of everything that is going wrong. It can leave you feeling out of control and create a haze that makes it difficult to see the good things we have occurring in our lives.

Take time for yourself to reflect on the situation. Are there small steps you can take to rectify the stress you are experiencing? If so, work towards checking those off your list, no matter how menial the tasks may seem. This way you are actively controlling what you can, instead of worrying about what you cannot control.

Count Your Blessings

You might think the age-old saying “count your blessings” is overused — but it is for good reason. Regardless of our circumstances, there are always things we can be thankful for. Whether it is our children, family, relationships, career or even something as simple as having a place to call home at the end of the day. Even the smallest joys in your life can leave you feeling thankful and help restore your faith.

Give Yourself a Day of Rest

Even if your week and schedule are jammed packed, it is imperative that you carve out time for yourself. Without self-care and balance your health will suffer. And if you don’t make time for your faith, it can also have a negative impact on your spirit. Especially when you are faced with stress.

Taking a day of rest doesn’t mean you have to spend the day alone. For me, I draw a lot of happiness and joy from my family. Sometimes spending quality time with those you love is all you need to help you hit that reset button and see things with a fresh perspective. Or, make a coffee date with a friend who can be a sounding board.

No matter what hardships you are facing, know that there will always be hard seasons in life and that they too, will pass. Try to turn negative circumstances on their head and look at these difficult times or changes as periods of growth. This will help you build resilience and make your faith even stronger. Ultimately, know that your faith will take you through even the most difficult seasons of life.