Growing Significance in Your Life

by | Jan 3, 2023 | Inspiration, Personal Development

We’re all experiencing life at the same time but finding our way through it at different rates. Because we all experience different (and similar) points in our lives at varying times, our journeys can often feel lonely and separating. To avoid this feeling of disconnection, start adding significance to your actions. Stop going through the motions and put yourself in the present time. Feel every moment and begin recognizing the meaning in each life event that you experience.

There’s Meaning in Moving Others

Bringing significance into your life is sometimes as simple as looking to the people around you. How can you ease their burdens, lift them up, and inspire them to be better? Helping others is one of the most rewarding ways to add significance to your life. When you use your time and talents, feelings of fulfillment and meaning will increase. Learn how to choose significance over success, here. 

We all have strengths and talents that we can share with the world in one way or another. Suppose you’re naturally good at time management, and you know your team could benefit from using time more efficiently. Put your strength to good use and offer to create a schedule for the team or plan a meeting to help each member find a time management strategy that works for them. If you know someone who is moving to a new home, and your strength happens to be your strength, offer to lend a hand carrying the heavy furniture. No matter your talent, it can be used for good more often than you think.

There’s Significance in Your Successes

Setting goals and making progress toward them feels pretty good, right? You start to see the direction that you’re heading in and make a little more sense of it. Whether you’re making moves in personal or professional goals, your confidence receives a boost! That extra boost in self-esteem makes your actions feel more meaningful. And, when you finally achieve a goal, the sense of accomplishment convinces you to set more goals and continue working diligently.

Meeting goals and milestones means new experiences, lessons learned, and the knowledge and wisdom that comes with that. Of course, the more you learn and experience, the more you feel like an important part of the world around you.

Connections are Compelling

You’ll also find significance in the simplicity of enjoying time with others. Time spent with people who you admire, look up to, and understand, is always time well spent. It will refresh you, lift your head up, and warm your heart. When that time passes, and you find yourself getting back to work, you’ll remember your time with that person as fulfilling. When you spend time with someone, use that time to strengthen your connection with them. Get a deeper understanding of who they are and what their ambitions are in life. Learn about their past, present, and future—and be willing to share yours. As you uncover more about one another, you’ll find your relationship increasingly meaningful.

Double Check Your Mindset

Pink bubble letters on a white wall, spell out the phrase "Be Happy".

If you’re struggling to find significance in your life, despite having all the components listed above, your mindset is probably the missing ingredient. Without a positive outlook, it’s hard to feel sure or hopeful about anything. Improve your mindset and you’ll find more meaning in both the little and the big moments.

Paying closer attention to your mindset and keeping it positive helps in every facet of your life. Start telling yourself, “I can do it,” instead of doubting your abilities. Do what you can with what you have! Not everything is in your control … but a lot of things are. You have power over your actions, words, ambitions, and so much more. And for everything that is out of your control, your response to the matter is within your control. Adjusting your mindset is a quick way to make everything you do feel important and to make unfavorable occurrences feel less like a purposeful slight against you.

You are Significant

When in doubt, it’s helpful to note that we’re all unique. We have strengths and weaknesses, we have good days and bad days, and we have the power to give other people great days! When you’re feeling insignificant, remember that your impact is powerful and valuable. Use your impact positively and the significance that you bring into this world will last forever.

Looking for additional ways to find significance in your life? Try becoming more generous.