Entertaining Summer Activities to Plan with Your Children

by | Jun 15, 2018 | Family, Inspiration

The school year is ending and summer is around the corner. Before you know it, your kids will be on vacation and in search of fun ways to stay busy. Get ahead of the game and check out some ideas that will help you create a summer break to be remembered. Below are a few reliable activities that you and your children will enjoy.

Science Experiments

If you are looking for an activity that will keep your child’s mind sharp, science experiments may be a perfect fit. Luckily, science is all around us! There are endless possibilities when it comes to finding a science project that matches your child’s interest, age, and attention span. A quick search online (specifying the appropriate grade level and topic) will connect you with multiple thrilling experiment options. A few are listed here:

Natural Disaster Experiments:

  •     Tornado tubes
  •     Hurricane models
  •     Earthquake simulations

Baking Soda Experiments:

  •     Exploding sandwich bag
  •     Inflate a balloon with vinegar and baking soda
  •     Volcanic eruptions
  •     Making moon sand

Long-term Projects

If you are looking for a bonding activity that spans multiple days or weeks, a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project is the choice for you. DIY endeavors are perfect for older kids, handy parents or families with a reasonable amount of free time to devote to a long-term project. A few things to keep in mind are project storage and supply costs. Think about where you will store both the project materials and the project itself (while it is in progress and once it’s complete). Before committing to the idea of building something, consider the cost of the materials and the upkeep once construction, or assembly, is finished.  Below are some ideas for summer DIY missions.

Build a:

  •     Treehouse
  •     Go-cart
  •     Dog/bee/birdhouse
  •     Bird feeder/ bath
  •     Lemonade stand
  •     Play kitchen
  •     Doll House
  •     Robot building play station
  •     Model plane, train, or automobile

Other Possibilities:

  •     Make clothes, blankets, or jewelry
  •     Start a family garden
  •     Designate your child as the daily chef who is in charge of a particular meal (lunch is a great option for younger children)
  •     Repurpose, refinish, or upcycle old furniture

Make a Summer Bucket List

Only your little ones know what interests them most. Loosen the reigns a bit and ask for suggestions from your children; let them create a “Summer To-Do List”. Start the conversation by stating that you are going to brainstorm ideas together, then pick a few to tackle. This way, your child can write as many ideas as they want, and be as creative as possible (since brainstorming is a collection of ideas that get written down, instead of shot down). Next, help your child revise their list by picking a predetermined number of top choices. This is your chance to interject parental wisdom and guide your little ones toward making reasonable choices and eliminating those that are unrealistic. Take their final list and write it on a separate piece of paper that you can check off as you accomplish each activity.

Center Outings and Activities Around Your Child’s:

  •     Favorite hobbies
  •     Favorite movies/shows
  •     Favorite books
  •     Favorite friends
  •     Favorite place to visit
  •     Favorite family members
  •     Favorite charities

Dedicating time and attention to your children’s summertime fun will automatically earn your spot in the parent’s hall-of-fame. Your kids will certainly brag to everyone about how awesome you made their summer vacation. The time spent together will not only keep them entertained but will also strengthen your relationship with your little one.  Remember that the activities don’t need to be expensive or daily. Find what fits your family and your budget, and prepare to have tons of fun this summer.