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3 Undeniable Reasons to Start Family Traditions

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Every family has a rhythm and a way of doing things––everything from before-school routines to holiday plans. But in the hectic buzz of life, finding time to make these rhythms and routines a bigger deal and establish them as traditions has become a lost art. However, taking the time to treat certain habits as family traditions not only heightens your family’s awareness of what it’s like to be a part of your family, but they also prove to add more meaning to family time. Find out our three undeniable reasons your family should start family traditions

1. Traditions can tell a story

Finding activities for your family to establish as traditions can provide your family members with a source of identity because everyone will have a shared story to tell. Not only that, but these stories create memories that can be recalled and shared for generations to come. If your family always competes against each other in flag football on Thanksgiving morning, every year you will all have the chance to create new memories that when pieced together create a larger family narrative.

2. Traditions can teach family morals  

Picking specific traditions that align with certain life principles and morals can teach your family about the importance of living life with these values in mind. On a smaller scale, make sure everyone says goodnight to each other before bed every night so no one goes to sleep angry with someone else. This will make sure your family values and respects the feelings of each other. On a much larger scale, volunteering at a homeless shelter or helping out with the veterans in your community a few times a year establishes morals of service and selflessness your family will carry for years to come.

3. Traditions can encourage experience

Establishing traditions are the perfect way to find new activities and hobbies your family loves to do together. Make an effort to take your family to a concert, attend an art class, or plan a family vacation––anything that brings your family together to experience something new and different. In doing so, your family will have the chance to find new passions while making lasting memories at the same time.

Family traditions can easily be associated with that cringe-worthy eye roll, but the truth is they shouldn’t be. Remember these three reasons why your family needs to start family traditions, so your family can make memories that will last a lifetime.



    Appreciate your mission. Thank you!

  2. The McGhies

    You’re Amazing! Love you!!

  3. Odette

    Your teachings continue to impact so many lives. Thank you!!!!

  4. Kaimana

    Thank you for being an excellent example of what it is to be a family unit!

  5. Toshia T.

    You two are absolutely amazing! Family traditions are absolutely an important dynamic to have in you family. Good stuff!

  6. Aleea Snell

    An amazing message from an incredible family. Appreciate you guys. Much love and respect.

  7. Sherrel

    Thank you for bringing back the importance of traditions in the family!

  8. Chris R

    This was awesome! I had always thought about creating new traditions for my future family :). I will begin to implement them as I create my family starting with my spouse and I. Thank you!

  9. Michell Franklin

    Thank you for being who you are, what you do and authentic and genuine in truly wanting to make a difference in people’s lives!

  10. Ryan H

    This perspective is spot on!

  11. Ellen M.

    Love this! My family started a tradition of playing “four square” on Thanksgiving a few years ago. It’s a school yard game from my elementary school days and it’s so simple and fun. We never realized how competitive my 65 year old Mom was until this! It’s been so much fun and we always end up laughing so hard we have to stop the game repeatedly 😉 The good natured inter-generational trash talking and attempts at cheating are a big part of the fun!

  12. Di

    Thank you for this! So amazing! Family unity goals !

  13. Richard Velders

    A great message to pass on in our men’s ministry sessions. So inspiring

  14. Shawn

    Thank you for your example! You guys are amazing:)

  15. Christina

    What an awesome message! It’s fantastic that you can share and lead by example.

  16. Kayla

    Thank you for being the most amazing people as our partners and friends. You two have forever changed my life and I would not have grown into the woman I am without your mentorship and guidance. I will continue, no matter what, to pay this opportunity forward! Love you guys so much!!!

  17. Sandra Hubbard

    Such a great message and example to follow. Thank you and love you both.

  18. Patricia Cunningham-Lepre

    Appreciate your amazing example of how a family should be. Love and respect you.

  19. Debra decamp

    Appreciate what you have done for us.

  20. Kita

    This was such an awesome message. I appreciate this reading as it again validated the importance of having a family tradition. Since I was a young girl, I have always “overly” loved Christmas :-). When I started dating my husband, I gave him an ornament as one of his gifts for Christmas, and ever since then we have continued that transition.

  21. Kalise A.

    Yes! Love this! I have always cherished family traditions, and some of my favorite memories are because of the traditions we had when I was growing up. Now as an adult, I can clearly see they were a way for my parents to teach my brother and I their values, and to model for us the importance of spending time together and making memories. Great insight! Thank you Terry and Jenny Brown!

  22. Izi Holokahi

    Truth be told, I was the family tradition “eye roller”. So when I read your descriptions of why they can be so much value, it added such a different perspective as to why they are integral to a tight family unit! I look forward to implementing your reasons to create new family traditions. Thank you!

  23. Desirae

    Very inspiring ! Such a great example . Thank you guys much love.

  24. Lili B

    Thanks for these examples of ways to give back to the community and create traditions. It can be so simple to impact our own family and community in BIG ways.

  25. Cheryl

    family traditions … the ground for a happy home & family.
    thanks for your example

  26. Amanda Millington

    Yes! This is so awesome! I love learning tips & tricks on ways to improve memory making with my family. Appreciate this article!

  27. Tonya Miller

    Wow, I had forgotten how important and special family traditions are. What I remember most about Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ house the singing (and rapping) showcase as well as our games of Pokeno (which is a bingo game with playing cards). EVERYONE came ready to play with their bag of quarters (we gambled on the different combinations of Pokeno [Bingo] we could get. Great memories! ?

  28. Callie Angeles

    Thank you for all of your insight and perspective! Love this! Thank you!

  29. Eric & Teresa Grieff

    We appreciate you so much.
    Thank you both for being “Amazing Leaders”!
    Love and Blessings

  30. Eduardo Diaz

    Wow this is awesome! Can’t wait to start some amazing traditions for my future family!

  31. Mary Anne Fritz

    Traditions are the glue between the generations

  32. Jane

    Can’t wait till we can grow our family and start family traditions!!

  33. John

    I come from a home where there weren’t really any traditions, and as adults, my brothers and I aren’t that connected. Thinking about it, that’s something I miss and wish we could have had. Thank you for highlighting the need for family connectedness.

  34. Kitty Mitchell

    So refreshing and awesome family, thank you for everything that you do! Love you xo

  35. Matthew Castillo

    Thank you Terry and Jenny for showing Ang and I the power in starting family traditions and leaving a legacy that will live on well after we are through. Thank you for helping us to become the “tip of the spear” for our family and for those that will come after us. We love you guys



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