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Three Small Ways to Pay it Forward

We’ve all heard the phrase “pay it forward,” but many of us have never taken the leap and done it ourselves. If you’ve ever been inspired by the viral acts of kindness you’ve seen floating around online, but felt your personality just wouldn’t let you be as grand,...


3 Phenomenal Ways to Inspire Others

In the business world, the power of influence is often called leadership or mentorship. But in everyday life, we refer to that same power as inspiration. Regardless of the description, we all possess the power to positively impact the lives of family and friends....


Inspiring Acts of Kindness

Goodwill is contagious. Kindness towards others inspires both recipients and witnesses alike to go forth and pay it forward. Why not be the person who sparks that chain reaction? Here are eight acts of kindness that may inspire others. Express Gratitude Simply...